We can have extensive and long-term relations with shipping lines mean we can provide you with access to a global carrier portfolio, covering major ports, with the best transit times, fully flexible scheduling and space protection agreements to meet your individual shipping needs.
We offer extensive LCL and FCL services to and from destinations across various sectors of the Globe .We can handle a wide range of cargo, irrespective of size, weight or volume or nature . We can give best quotation for worldwide countries. … all prestigious and reliable global logistic companies.


Very often, customers do come with a certain request for selection and customization options. Saral Agency offers customers with many different delivery options to meet such requests. This is where, choosing the right airline plays a very crucial factor.
Proper airline selection allows for easier and transportation of all goods. With effective forms of export services that are often handled by airlines, things can be a lot easier in every aspect. Also, the selection of proper routes via different airlines gives way to quicker delivery of the cargo in the most cost-effective manner.


Saral Agency offers exclusive ocean freight logistics services ,the benefits of using our core and customized services can easily be the cause that drives your business forward. Apart from these, our ocean freight logistics also takes care of the handling, packaging, inventory management,


Full Container Loaded

SARAL AGENCY FCL services can effectively be availed by anyone that seeks to send out a large shipment of goods that require containers entirely.

We have established a large network of bases that allow us to reach even the remotest of destinations, besides the more popular ports and cities across the world. Our effective dealings with all the major shipping carriers around the world allow us to negotiate.

About Us

Shipment of Onion has become our first ever export to jebel ali in refer containers…We are proudly announcing ourselves as a Exporter / shipper… We are looking to expand our business through export to any possible country at any possible terms and condition…


As an established service provider in the field of logistics, SARAL AGENCY offers some of the finest service offerings with respect to any sort of domestic freight requirements that you may be seeking.

SARAL AGENCY, being an accredited domestic freight services provider, assures customers with the very best of services in every aspect. Our domestic freight services are broadly divided into two major categories, namely via road services and Sea services.

Our road and Sea freight services are simple astounding at best and we will always do our best to meet your needs!

and mention that we are Clearing and forwarding agent..